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Mankind’s Ultimate Hair Guide

Mankind’s Ultimate Hair Guide

Do you have some issues with your hair but unsure of how to deal with it? As hair is a huge confidence factor, you need to be comfortable with it At the end of the day, it is one of the first things which people notice when you meet someone. Our ultimate hair guide has hints and tips for all issues including greys, thin hair and styling confusion so you can enjoy your hair!

My hair is going grey. How can I avoid looking old before my time?

Grey hair can indeed be very ageing. Why not try one of the new natural looking hair tints that will cover the grey and blend into your natural colour. At the same time your original hair colour will not change. These new colourants last for about 24 washes and look completely natural.

My hair is really fine and thin. How can I make it look thicker?

Try using a thickening shampoo and conditioner to give your hair added volume. A good hair cut helps especially if the hair is not left too long. You can also use thickening lotion, which give the impression that you have thicker, fuller hair.

I’d like to try some styling products, but don’t know what to go for?

Gels are good for slicked-back looks and if you want shine. They do hold the hair quite firmly so great for a bit of drama. Pomade or wax gives hair a slight shine and is good for keeping stray hairs in place. If you have a traditional style this will hold it very well. It will also let you softly spike your hair without it looking too dramatic. Texture Cream is good for trendy chopped styles that want separation and to look casually ‘messy’.

Why not switch up your look with a new trending hairstyle?


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