Are you as tired of the standard summer holiday destinations as we are? Sure, Kavos is a cheap and cheerful way to get your rocks off, but here at Mankind we think that 2015 is the year to try something different.

Everyone has their individual interests when it comes to booking a getaway, so we’ve pinned down some of the most unusual holidays and intriguing destinations to cover all sorts of different tastes. No matter whether you’re buzzing to get boozing or seeking out some adventure, there’s a destination out there to satisfy your cravings.

Break the mould this year by swapping your predictable summer spot with some of the most unusual holidays the world has to offer. Identify the ideal destination for you, wave goodbye to tradition and prepare for the trip of your life with

The Beach Bum

Love to stretch out on the sand, but exhausted all of the traditional beach trips? Time to look elsewhere for your annual dose of Vitamin D…

Coney Island Beach

Source: @coneyislandfun

You might not think it, but New York City boasts a coast full of sandy shores perfect for some fun in the sun. Down south from the notorious tourist attractions of the Big Apple lie some hidden gems in the form of sunny seafronts, which draw less attention that the crowded crossroads of Times Square but attract enough bodies to makes these beaches bouncing. Chill out with the laid-back vibes of Jacob Riis Park Beach, get active with the surfing spots and volleyball courts of Rockaway Beach and ride the rollercoasters of the Coney Island fair. There are actually enough beaches in New York City to cover a full holiday, but the bright lights of the big city are never far away if you fancy a day or two downtown. With an average high of around 28˚c during the summer, you certainly won’t be short of a healthy tan when you leave – just be sure to use plenty of sun protection when you strip down for a sunbathe. We recommend Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard; this SPF45 sun cream will protect you against both UVA and UVB rays with no oily residue so that you can soak up the sun safely.

The Partygoer

Malia? Check. Kos? Check. Ayia Napa? Check. Budapest? Allow us to elaborate…

Sziget Festival

Source: @szigetfest

When it comes to unusual holidays, Eastern Europe is fast becoming the go-to getaway for those who appreciate the art of partying. Although cities like Krakow and Prague provide a fun and unforgettable experience at a low price, Budapest is the city in our sights this summer. The Hungarian capital hosts a huge range of hot-spots for your nightlife needs – check out Ráday Street and Liszt Ferenc Tér for dinner and drinks, or hit Gozsdu Udvar and Party Island for a big night of lively bars and buzzing clubs. You’ll never be short of options in the dynamic city centre, and there’s even plenty to see and do during the daytime to distract you from the headache of the night before. Take a walking or boat tour for a bout of fresh air, or kick back and relax at the Szechenyi Baths. And don’t forget to book tickets for Sziget Festival in August either – with a consistently solid line up and a stellar atmosphere to match, make Sziget your first choice festival away from home if you’re looking for the ultimate place to party this summer.

The Thrillseeker

If you’ve overdone your annual pass to Alton Towers, it’s time to get looking for an alternative white knuckle ride…


Source: @whatwakepark

You may have heard that New Zealand and Thailand are the ultimate destinations for thrillseekers to get their kicks – well, we suggest you take a different path to your mates that went travelling in the east by heading west for a wild one in Ontario, Canada. With more lakes than anywhere else in Canada, Ontario is a top treat for those of you that are more comfortable on water than on land, with countless water skiing, wakeboarding and sailing sites across the province. If you’re looking for a higher level of adrenaline, then check out the skydiving, paragliding and hand-gliding opportunities available – you might never want to do it again, but you definitely won’t regret giving it a go. Don’t forget to stop by the knuckle-biting EdgeWalk in Toronto too – this full circle hands-free walk (the highest in the world, don’t you know!) will leave you with one hell of an adrenaline rush and the memories of a lifetime.

Step out of your comfort zone and head to a destination with a difference this year with our choices of unusual holidays. Whether you want to kick back and relax on holiday or get up and go, the world is full of unusual holiday destinations that will satisfy your cravings. Get free delivery worldwide at

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