Guybrows – the latest male grooming trend?

bruno02News reaches me today that men now make up 40% of visitors to Debenhams ‘Brow Bars’ (i.e places where you get your eyebrows professionally ‘shaped’). Seemingly, this is double the amount compared to a year ago. Clearly the release of Bruno has had more of an impact on the male psyche than anyone could have thought.

Now, you know me – I’m up for almost anything grooming wise but men with shaped eyebrows has always been a particular bete noir of mine. Frankly, I hate it.

Don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against a tidy brow. Nor do I disapprove of dealing with monobrows or those errant hairs that seem to pop up from nowhere. But I do have a problem with men who have their eyebrows plucked to infinity. For me, conscious shaping (and I’ve seen some real abominations recently) is just a step too far. According to the store, men are asking for a ‘Russell Brand’, ‘Robert Pattison’ or a ‘Danny Cipriani’ and are craving that well-groomed ‘arched’ look.

Which is fine if you want to look like you might do drag at the weekend but (and call me old fashioned if you want) I think it’s better to do as I do and just whiz over your brows with a hair or beard trimmer on a medium setting. Keeps eyebrows in check, removes those stray hairs and most importantly of all, ensures you still look vaguely like a fella at the end of it. What do you reckon?

Lee, Mankind Grooming Ed

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